Give a dog a home and a reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving!

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Every dog lover knows that the best part of cooking that juicy Thanksgiving turkey (or Tofurkey, as the case may be), are those soulful, sincere doggie eyes staring up at you filled with hope. They’re just waiting for you to drop something. They know you’ll do it. You’ll be so distracted by their sweet, drooling face that an errant morsel will fall to the floor and, ever helpful creatures, they’ll swoop in to pick it up for you.

That unwavering hope is what the following dogs are holding on to. These are some exceedingly wonderful pups who’ve done a longer than average stint with APA!. We’re not sure why, but we’d like to introduce you to them anew. In the spirit of love and giving, we hope you’ll give one of these dogs a home for Thanksgiving and maybe even the opportunity to “help” in the kitchen …


RavenThis shiny black little pom pom has an adorable exterior and the heart of a survivor. He overcame a scary seizure disorder and is now a happy, thriving little pocket pup. He’s got an adorable pink tongue that cups up at the end and cute, alert little fox ears. Raven learns new things quickly and is ready to learn what it’s like to be HOME! Read more »


MargeMarge is known for her big pittie smile and with good reason. She’s a beautiful and endearing girl who’s happy to meet each and every new friend and go wherever the day takes her! If you’re looking for a dog just as charming as you are, come meet lady Marge! Read more »


BossAww Boss. Boss is a gorgeous, goofy boy who tries his very hardest to please. He knows loads of good stuff like, “sit,” and “down,” and will show off in a hurry at first sign of treats or a leash! He’s an athletic boy who’s not too tough to snuggle and in our opinion, deserves that whole Thanksgiving turkey. Although, he’ll settle for finding his person once and for all. Read more »


CindySweet Cindy, the beautiful blonde. Cindy is best friends with the other dog in her foster home and loves to PLAY! She can be a little nervous with new things but she is learning and gaining confidence quickly. She’s a lovely, athletic girl who wants to cuddle her cute, wiggly way into your heart. Read more »


PenelopePretty Princess Penelope lives up to her nickname Sweet Pea. This brave girl also survived a far less happy “P” word…Parvo. Penelope loves dogs her own size, is smart as a whip, and has a beautiful face that an artist appears to have accented perfectly with some special white doggie paint. Read more »

Molly Ringwald

Molly RingwaldMolly Ringwald is ready to start a new breakfast club with you…the kind that involves day after Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches! Just like her red headed namesake, this adorable, charming pup is pretty shy. She’d love to go to a home with another dog since having a canine buddy to show her the ropes really brings her out of her shell. Read more »


UmiHave you ever felt a little shy? Wished you could step out of the corner to say hello or work up the confidence to hold an offered hand? So does Umi. This sweet little pup desperately wants to explore all the world has to offer but he’s afraid. He’s hoping for a gentle, patient person to help show him that life doesn’t have to be so scary. Read more »

Elsie Ethrington

Elsie EthringtonThis clever Rat Terrier mix lives life with enthusiasm: when she plays, she really plays…when she rests, she’s a real couch potato. If she likes you she’s your best bud, otherwise, she will amusingly dismiss you. Elsie likes to be pleased but loves to please in return. Read more »


DexDex!! (Writer’s Note: I love Dex!!!) Why is this fluffy, cuddly, marshmallow of a dog not adopted? It must be one of the great mysteries of life because he is awesome! He’s happy, friendly, affectionate, silly, and tons of fun! He’s also super mega adorable from his speckled tongue, to his fluffy white coat, to his wonderful, love bug goober personality. If only we could all have a Dex cuddled up by our feet … alas, just one lucky household gets him! Read more »

Also …

The APA! Adoption & Resource Center will be open for adoptions on Thanksgiving Day from 10am-3pm! Come save a life and give yourself and a homeless dog or cat something very special to be thankful for.

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