Help Fabiola heal her bones!

by Medical Team • Posted in: General

fabiolafabiola3Online fundraising for Fabiola! (Grangers hospital buddy)

Fabiola was returned by her adopters to APA (the same day as Granger) after  falling down from a 4-story balcony and  breaking her hip and her front leg. Although it looks like Fabiola’s leg is ok it is in fact broken and she cannot bear any weight on it. While Fabiola is full of kitten spirit and is still able to use the litter box and eat unassisted she too, like Granger, is in need of surgery as soon as possible. The growth plate in her front leg is affected time is not on our side. The specialist would like to have her in surgery on Monday! Please help start the recovery process for this precious kitten. Anything helps!