These kittens need fosters immediately

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As you probably already know, Austin Pets Alive! saves animals daily from the euthanasia list from Town Lake Animal Center. Cats and dogs die daily because there is no room left in the shelter, an animal is sick , or an animal is thought to be unadoptable for one reason or another.

Super Cute KittiesTake these three adorable kittens for example. Siblings Duffy, Cliffy and Muffy are sweet, inquisitive and fluffy but they tested positive for FIV and have been deemed unadoptable.

What is FIV? Here is a great definition from Best Friends Animal Society:

“FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. It’s a lentivirus, meaning that it progresses very slowly, gradually affecting a cat’s immune system. It is passed through blood transfusions and through serious, penetrating bite wounds – mainly by stray, intact tom cats. The most well-known lentivirus in humans is HIV. But the two are not at all the same, and you can’t get FIV from a cat. In fact, the only thing about FIV that you can catch is a bad case of the rumors.

As long as cats with FIV are not exposed to diseases that their immune system can’t handle, they can live perfectly normal lives. “

These little babies probably got FIV from their mom, however it is totally possible that they will test negative for the virus later on. But these kittens may be killed before they ever get a chance to be tested again.

Even if they do have FIV, these cats will live completely normal and happy lives so long as they are indoor cats and eat a healthy diet. These kittens are friendly and playful and will probably get along with other cats.

Say you had a FIV negative cat and a FIV positive cat at home. The only way your FIV+ could pass it on to his roommate would be if they absolutely hated one another and got into a vicious cat fight (and that’s a whole other problem altogether!). Play fighting (like little kittens do) won’t transmit the disease.

That being said, there is no reason why a cat with FIV should be killed!

If you can immediately provide a foster home for Duffy, Cliffy and Muffy please fill out a foster application ASAP. In the section that asks if you would like to foster specific cats put “FIV+ Kittens”. These kittens only have a couple days, if that, to be saved!

If you cannot foster but still want to help, please consider making a donation.

Fluffy Kittens
Really now, how can you resist these little ones? It is crazy how cute these kittens are! If you have room to take them in, please do. They will certainly find their forever homes fast!

2 Responses to "These kittens need fosters immediately"

  1. Elizabethsays: November 20, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    I would love to take these kittens in, they are SO adorable; however, unfortunately, I live in a college dorm. So I lack the permission, space, and money. I wish these cute babies the best!!!

  2. austinpetsalivesays: November 22, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    Thanks, Elizabeth! We did find a foster for these guys!