Meet Schatzi!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Foster

Schatzi being still for half a second.

Schatzi being still for half a second.

Schatzi is approximately eight weeks old and the poor little guy had a bad case of sarcoptic mange. This completely curable condition could have been treated before it got out of hand, but as it is poor Schatzi has spent the first part of his life itching and scratching himself until he bled. Now that he’s received treatment, had a lot of chance to sleep and eat, he’s finally starting to feel well enough to wiggle and play…so it’s been tough to get a good photo! He’s still a little scabby but with oatmeal baths and lots of recuperation, he’s looking and feeling much better. We expect his hair to fill back in soon. He’s a sweetie with lots of love to give. Now that he can focus on things besides scratching, he’s become more curious and playful, and loves to wrestle with his blanket.

Stay tuned for developments!

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