Help Us Set Up Lovebug and Slash – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

by Medical Team • Posted in: Donations, Medical Chip-ins


Slash and Lovebug are two peas in a pod. They have yet to meet but boy do they need to be set up!

Slash is a senior guy and has seen a lot in his 12 years. Slash came to APA with a lot of missing fur due to his collar being too tight, but he is looking more and more like what we suspect his handsome self is every day and is ready for whatever his new life will bring him!

Lovebug is a bit younger at 6yrs old but she too had seen better days. Poor Lovebug was in rough shape when she was first enrolled in the adoption program with a flea-ridden coat and a cloudy eye.slashlovebug2

Both of these tiny dogs are heartworm positive and have a cough that they can’t seem to kick. Could it be due to their heartworm positive status? Possibly but the vets need an ultrasound of their hearts to make a treatment plan for them. An ultrasound date will also serve as a blind date for these two!

Their distinctive-yet-adorable ‘je ne sais quoi’ makes these two quite the pair. They are both adorable little dogs and are looking for their forever homes!