Petunia’s puppies are two weeks old!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: General

Mommy Petunia celebrates our first two weeks of life in the warmth of a foster home.

After being rescued from Austin Animal Center, the staff and volunteers from Austin Pets Alive! saw us through our toughest time – the first fragile few days of life. Two weeks ago we shared with you our story of being taken into APA’s loving maternity ward, and what a cozy treat that was. Shortly after, we were scooped up, along with our Mommy Petunia, and safely shuttled to a foster home to make room for new pups in the maternity ward.

As you see, Mommy Petunia was by our side for the entire journey, and remains with us in our foster home as a critical part of our growth and development. Though there’s six of us pups, mommy always makes sure each of us has a full belly and a warm place to sleep.

As much as we can love Mommy Petunia, we’re also incredibly thankful for the fosters at APA willing to not only invite all seven of us into their home but also commit to the time and responsibilities of keeping us happy and healthy. We would literally not be where we are today without them.

Since our birth two weeks ago, APA has welcomed two more families of mommies and puppies into its maternity ward. Very soon they will require the kindness of thoughtful fosters to make room for the next family, as our foster has done for us. Do what you can to donate, volunteer, foster, or at least help APA save more families like mine by following and spreading my family’s story here on the APA blog. More photos and updates to come!