Update: Peach Wants to be Friends

by shoreyr • Posted in: Behavior, Foster, Rescue, Volunteering

Meet Peach. She is one of the smallest kittens in Clementine‘s litter, but she’s also one of the most friendly! She will wobble right up to you to say “hello” and get some lovin’. She may be tiny, but she’s bold and fearless.

In fact, her trust of the people caring for this family has proven positive for momma Clementine. Mom cats are cautious with their kittens. Their number one priority is to protect their babies. Given that she and her family have had a rough start, Clementine wasn’t sure what to make of all the people suddenly swarming around her. Kittens socialize easily, and Peach is showing her mom everyday that the APA! volunteers are only there to help.

And who wouldn’t want to help that sweet face and this precious family?

If you would like to volunteer to care for moms and babies like Clementine and Peach, sign up to volunteer. As space permits, we are rescuing moms with litters from the shelter and setting them up in our Nursery. We can always use volunteers to help weigh the kittens (twice daily to ensure growth) and make sure momma has fresh food & water.

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