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Dear Friend of Austin Pets Alive!,

Thanks to all of you coming out to the animal services meeting last week and voting unanimously that the city follow the AAC recommendations to make Austin a no kill city, Council Member Laura Morrison and Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez have sponsored a resolution directing the city to follow the AAC recommendations.

Council members must hear from you before they vote tomorrow, Thursday, November 5th. It is the voice of the community, collectively, that will reinforce the need – the urgent, vital need – for a change in the way Austin treats its homeless pets.

The resolution includes recommendations to increase live outcomes through a more comprehensive adoption program and a large-scale volunteer foster program. It includes recommendations to decrease shelter intake, including a decrease in the euthanasia of owned animals and feral cats. A high-volume, free and low-cost spay/neuter program is also included in the resolution.

Finally, the resolution includes structural changes that will save even more lives – revising the mission of animal services, ensuring euthanasia is the last option, more public involvement and candor, and the exploration of partnership opportunities.

The resolution will direct the City Manager to work with the Animal Advisory Commission to implement these recommendations by March 1st.

Please email your council members today http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/council/groupemail.htm and let them know the community is counting on them – and so are our homeless pets.  Please urge them to support Item #40.

Thank you,

Dr. Ellen Jefferson, DVM

Austin Pets Alive! President

See KVUE’s story on the resolution that aired last night.

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