What We’re Most Grateful For

by Rebecca Reid • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Organizational, Outreach, Partnerships

2014 has been an incredible year (so far) and Austin Pets Alive! has so much to be grateful for. We are humbled daily by the fact that we simply could not exist without the compassion and love of an entire community: volunteers that surprise us with their dedication and support, donors that keep the engine running, fosters that help us save twice as many lives each year, companies that so willingly contribute to our cause, staff that works overtime rain or shine- these are all essential. Here are just a few things we are especially grateful for this year:

 Castor & Pollux

These folks are wonderful to all the animals at Austin Pets Alive!, supplying their food en masse without hesitation. By keeping our animals fed a high quality diet, C&P helps make sure our cats and dogs stay healthy and happy year-round

laundry-serviceLaundry Volunteers

While doing the laundry is not the most glamorous way to volunteer, it is a constant need. The animals are so grateful for clean blankets and volunteers who are willing to do the laundry are an important part of what keeps this place running.

City Hall Support

This year has marked an important turning point in APA!’s history: the year we begin the journey to Keeping APA! in the Heart of Austin and building our forever home. The community has shown so much support in the last two milestones in this journey (inclusion in the master plan and an extension of our lease)… and we know full well we wouldn’t be here without that support.

Austin Subaru

As our long-time partner, Austin Subaru is full of awesome ways to keep the community involved in our cause. From Share the Love to Paddle for Puppies to Wagathon Walkathon and more, Austin Subaru has been an integral part of Austin Pets Alive!’s development as an organization.

10155122_10104440113848130_8854042813892151680_nMedical Fosters

Without our fosters, we could not save more than half the animals we do each year. In many cases, the animals we save require special care (often minor or temporary)… but we would not be able to save these animals from euthanasia if we didn’t have a home willing to help out with that special care from a medical foster.


It takes a village to save the lives at APA!, but it simply couldn’t happen without donations. Whether the donations go to cover the surgical needs of an animal, prescription diets, extra helping hands to keep neonatal kittens fed every 3 hours, medications for our Parvo puppies, heating for the dogs during the bitter winter nights, new equipment that allows the medical team to enhance their capabilities or any number of important things, without these donations, APA! could not exist.

Maddie’s Fund

Maddie’s Fund awarded APA! $1.26 million dollars this year. This will be directly applied to the construction of our permanent facility and it is a perfect start to something even more wonderful than we have now.

9460_876124182418621_2014330445320478092_nNeonatal Fosters

Neonatal Fosters work hard and put their hearts on the line to save the littlest ones. Through the sleepless nights, illness, and fussy feedings, they remain super dedicated. We couldn’t do it without this set of loyal, wonderful fosters.

The Animals

We are so thankful to the dogs and cats for always inspiring us to do more, teaching us to be better trainers, walkers, techs and people… and proving to the world that where you come from never dictates where you’re headed.

Awesome companies that root for us

Whether they’re installing new heating units for free, offering to maintain our roof, hosting events to raise funds, organizing a blanket drive or some other wonderful gesture, so many companies in Austin have made an invaluable mark on our hearts and reminded us exactly why this is the perfect city for an organization like ours to thrive.

kelsi4Behavior Team Volunteers

We just couldn’t do so much of what we do without them. This is a tough and very rewarding gig, and the dogs at APA! need them. They make such a difference in their lives.

Special Project Volunteers

Whether they are planning an event, improving computer programs,  managing a Facebook page or some other incredible special project, we are so fortunate to have the kind of volunteers that don’t hesitate to go the extra mile.

Cattery Team

Cattery team members have helped us reach a record number of cat adoptions this year and that is something worth cheering about. There are more cats and kittens in homes than any year before and this would not be possible without them.

Adoption Counselors and Matchmakers

This year has marked a special year for APA! long stays. Austinites are being matched to the perfect animal, and in so many cases this has given long stays like Kate or Fannie the perfect home they might not otherwise have had. These matches wouldn’t be possible without adoption counselors and matchmakers.


Are you an “APA!-er”? What are you most grateful for?