Austin Animal Center Overcrowded, At Least 10 Large Breed Dogs at Risk of Euthanasia Due to Space

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Austin Animal Center Overcrowded, At Least 10 Large Breed Dogs at Risk of Euthanasia Due to Space
New shelter sees fewer adoptions and is encouraging the public to save a life by adopting for the holidays

AUSTIN, TEXAS (December 17, 2011) – The new Austin Animal Center (AAC) is facing the euthanasia of nearly a dozen dogs. Since the shelter moved to East Austin in early November, the City of Austin has seen a dramatic increase in the number of adult dogs surrendered by owners and is also seeing an extreme drop in adoptions.  Those factors, combined with fewer large dog kennels at the new facility, have created a deadly mix for medium to large dogs over six months of age.

Town Lake Animal Shelter (TLAC), the former city shelter space, is now being run by Austin Pets Alive! (APA!). The facility is currently housing the maximum contracted number of 60 dogs from AAC to help relieve overcrowding. APA! has taken in 53 dogs from AAC this week alone, and with their adoption program also full, both organizations are hoping to see many adoptions of dogs over 35 pounds in the next week leading up to the holiday so that they don’t have to be put down.

“There is a huge variety of amazing medium to large dogs available at both of our shelters that don’t deserve to die just because they aren’t puppies anymore. It is hard for them to compete with little puppies and small breed dogs,” said Dr. Ellen Jefferson, veterinarian and executive director of Austin Pets Alive!  “We are asking people to come to APA! or the City shelter and do a trial adoption, foster or permanently adopt one of these dogs that is in extreme danger of euthanasia.  The gift of life to a dog that had no hope will be remembered as the best holiday present you ever gave.”

APA! is offering name-your-own-price adoptions for all dogs and cats over three months ($25 minimum) all weekend long at all adoption locations and APA! and the Austin Animal Center are offering free adoptions for dogs over 35 lbs, including at the Town Lake Animal Center site.

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