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AvaWhen I think of Ava I think of Sex and the City. It might seems like an odd association but let me explain.

Ava is a gorgeous, plush orange tabby with a white collar of fur that frames her face perfectly. She’s got big round deep golden eyes and little white slippers for paws. Like the ladies on the show, Ava is super stylish and unique and she knows it. (Orange girls are pretty rare). She likes to show off her fashionable fur by relaxing on her back and revealing her super soft white tummy. It’s like she’s just begging to be petted!

She’s a sophisticated woman and over that rambunctious kitten stage (that’s not to say that she doesn’t enjoy some time with a feather toy or chasing bugs in the garden every now and then). I’m not saying she’s a diva but maybe she should have been named Gucci or Prada instead of Ava.

AvaOn the other hand, Ava is also like the Sex and the City girls in that she’s a true best friend. She’s loyal, affectionate and a great side kick of a cat. She’ll follow you around from room to room, always by your side. You know that Ava will love you no matter what.

But Ava almost didn’t make it. She was skinny and scared when she was dumped at the shelter. She was also in a lot of pain and no one knew it until they tried to pick her up. She had a severe infection and needed emergency surgery. APA! brought her in and started working on her. She almost died on the table and needed a blood transfusion.

Luckily she survived and has developed into a fluffy healthy beauty…

So, if you’re heart broken because Mr. Big broke up with you again, Ava will be there to console you. She’ll greet you when you come home waiting to hear about your daily adventures. Having Ava at your house will feel like a slumber party every night. If you’re ever wondering if that handbag goes with that dress Ava will give her opinion with a quick little meow. All she asks is that when you both go out for appletinis at the hot new bar downtown just make sure that her glass is filled with Fancy Feast.

ava3To learn more about Ava and find out how to adopt her visit her profile.

3 Responses to "Ava"

  1. Nancy Adlersays: July 6, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    I am interested in Ava or other young cats you may h ave. Please let me nkow about what you might have for adoption. Thank you.

  2. Christina Fajardosays: July 19, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    I am really interested in adopting Ava but I can’t find the application on the website and my email was returned. I was referred by Amy Meyer. Please contact me.

    Thanks! Christina

  3. austinpetsalivesays: July 20, 2010 at 10:27 am

    Hi Christina,
    Our applications are only available at our adoption sites. If you contact email hidden; JavaScript is required, they can get you set up to meet Ava and get the adoption process started for you. Sorry for the confusion!