#BecauseOfYou: Fancy, Jacki and a Third Chance at Life

by Lindsey Picard • Posted in: General

After Jacki had to say goodbye to her beloved APA! Alum Helena, she was completely devastated. Despite being unsure whether she had more love to give, a few weeks after Helena’s passing she became instantly intrigued by a “derpy black cat” named Fancy. Once she learned Fancy’s story, she knew that it had been the angelic spirit of Helena that brought the pair together.

Fancy arrived at APA! in 2011, was adopted in 2012, found her way back to APA! in May 2017, and was adopted by Jacki shortly after on July 24, 2017. Fancy arrived back at APA! six years after her initial adoption after being missing for three weeks and being found with a fractured pelvis. At first glance, she seemed paralyzed and incontinent, but thanks to the care of our APA! Clinic team it was discovered that she was, in fact, neither paralyzed or incontinent. Jackie says that even if Fancy did have special needs, that wouldn’t have mattered – there was something about Fancy’s spirit that made a lasting impression on her heart.

While in foster care, Jackie visited the sweet and endearing Fancy (who Jackie would lovingly come to name Fancy Siobhan, which means God is gracious) twice and each time fell more and more in love. On a hot Texas July 24, Jackie brought Fancy home! Fancy had surgery a few days later to remove a mass under her tongue and another on her nipple, and had most of her damaged teeth removed. While these surgeries would change Fancy life for forever, these surgeries also saved her life. Because of Jackie, she was then able to receive post-op care in the comfort of a warm and familiar home.

Fancy now enjoys her days by following her new mama everywhere – even sleeping next to her at night on a designated pillow: “She’s almost toothless, walks with a limp, has her tongue out most of the time, and is absolutely perfect in my eyes. Fancy has my heart and makes me smile daily.”

Because of you, Fancy was given a third chance at being a part of a loving home where comfort is given and received – and because of you, and your generous donations and support, we’re able to give a second, or even a third, chance at life and love for thousands more animals.

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