#BecauseOfYou: Meet Laura and Hamilton

by Lindsey Picard • Posted in: General

Last summer, Hamilton and Laura’s lives changed forever, because of you.

At two weeks old, Hamilton’s three sisters and brother arrived at Austin Animal Center in critical condition. They had overdosed after being given Xanax and needed immediate treatment and blood transfusions. They were rushed to APA! to receive the care they needed; unfortunately, Hamilton’s brother passed away, but thanks to the incredible work of the APA! Clinic staff and volunteers his three sisters were able to be saved.

Just a little while later, Hamilton himself arrived at APA!, and even though he arrived alone, he looked so much like his brother that our team knew they were related. While Hamilton hadn’t been given drugs, he was still very fragile and needed to be tube fed because he was too weak to eat on his own.

An amazing foster stepped up to take Hamilton as her first tube fed puppy and since then has gone on to foster many more puppies in need! It wasn’t long after Hamilton moved to his next foster home with one of his sisters, Rogue, that his now mom, Laura, first laid eyes on him.

Laura, who already had an APA! alum cat named Jesse at home, volunteers her considerable talent to help photograph APA! animals looking for their forever homes, which is how she ended up meeting her next APA! alum, Hamilton.

It didn’t take long for Laura to fall head over heels for Hamilton and make him a permanent part of her family. Now, Hamilton and Jesse continually welcome foster kittens into their home, to show them the wonderful lives they have ahead of them.

Because of you, our amazing APA! community full of fosters, adopters, volunteers and supporters, Hamilton and his siblings were given a chance at life. A chance that they wouldn’t have been given anywhere else. A chance that allowed them to find their forever homes and celebrate their first birthday together!

Your support made it possible for us to save Hamilton and his three sisters when they needed us most. Donate today to help us give even more animals – like Hamilton – a chance at the life they deserve!