Buddy – A Home is a Simple Wish to Grant

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Behavior, Pets Needing Homes

Star light, star bright

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have this wish I wish tonight…

Buddy’s wish is to go home.

Home.  For a dog, that means a soft place to sleep, regular meals, and love & time from their person or people.  You could call it extraordinary because of what it means, what it feels like.  But really, it’s very simple. 

They’re not asking for much, even those dogs who require continued training, a good deal of exercise, or that little bit extra of a different variety.  They just want to be our companions and, in return, will give us every ounce of loyalty,  trust,  and love they have to offer.  A dog is really the best relationship choice you can make.

Buddy is like that shy, handsome guy in history class you can’t wait to get to know better. You’re mystified by how such a strong, intelligent, gorgeous creature could ever doubt himself. You’d expect him to be out flirting with every lady in the room and challenging guys to bar fights. But he’s not like that. Not at all. He’s gentle and quiet. His soulful eyes look at you earnestly as he shyly approaches to introduce himself.

Now, imagine that guy has big hound dog paws and floppy hound dog ears. He’s got an adorable smattering of speckles on his beautiful red coat. He’s a very intelligent, athletic, and affectionate dog who is equally content sprawled out partially in your lap getting loved on or out with you on a run.

Buddy is an excellent running partner, and has practiced his leash manners to become a first rate walker. He just gets a little nervous and excited when he sees something new. He’s not sure if that trash can across the road just looked at him funny and needs you to explain that it’s just a trash can.

You see, Buddy hasn’t been introduced to the big wide world the way a dog should be. He’s already doing great and has learned that he loves people, other dogs, walks & runs, treats, and cuddling. Belly rubs are just about the best thing ever and he’s also recently encountered the world of canine massage. If regular snuggles turn this boy into a marshmallow, canine massage renders him drooly & zen.

Buddy is one of the first dogs to come through our Behavioral Rehabilitation Program.  He’s been working with professional trainers, trained B&E volunteers, and even a wonderful canine massage therapist.  The progress he’s made is fantastic and he can now be seen walking (or happily running) down the sidewalk in his very own, bright pink, easy walk harness.

Buddy’s gaining confidence every day but his sweet, gentle nature is already here to stay. This dog is beautiful inside and out and is looking for an owner to continue his journey in the big wide world with. It’s a pretty wonderful place to explore.

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Photos 1, 2, & 4 by Lauren White.  Photos 3 & 5 by Jessica L. Marsh.

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