FIRST EVER…Louie’s Fresh Start Adoption Event!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Awareness/ PR, Behavior, Pets Needing Homes

The Louie’s Fresh Start dogs are coming to meet YOU & we are so excited we can hardly stand it!

These adorable and oh so adoptable pups aren’t typically able to attend traditional off-site adoption events.  They also don’t always put their best paw forward in the hectic shelter environment.

That usually translates to two things:

1. They spend longer in our adoption program than they really need to because they are not as visible.

2. People think, golly, those dogs are cute but I don’t know that I want to adopt a “behavior” dog.

That changes now, folks!  These adorable pooches have spent quite some time working with our awesome behavior team.  They are more than ready to make their way from the shelter to your home.  They also ALL come with post adoption training scholarships to help with the transition.

The most important point that we’re hoping to make with these events is that you definitely DO want to adopt these dogs.  Not only are they not “bad” dogs, they are some of the best dogs around.  They steal the hearts of staff and volunteers on a daily basis, often ending up with their own fan clubs and entourages.  They come in all shapes, sizes, & quirks but what these dogs have in common is personality to spare.

We can also tell you from experience that adopting one of these dogs is quite possibly the best decision you’ll ever make.  The heartfelt updates we receive from adopters of LFS alumni speak for themselves.  For example, the letter we received this week from LFS boy Zorro’s adoptive mom…

“After fostering Zorro for six months, my husband and I decided that we couldn’t let go of the joy of El Zorro!!

I want to thank every staff member and volunteer that had a hand in his tenure as an APA! dog. I’m fully aware that the initial decision to pull Zorro from TLAC was not an easy one. I’m so very grateful to those of you that decided Zorro was right for APA! You knew that he could become the happy, fun, and well-behaved (yes, well-behaved!) dog that he is today.

Because of an awesome behavior team, he was shown so much love and patience from the beginning. And, it’s obvious that he adores every one of you. I love that we have this team dedicated to these misunderstood dogs. And, I promise you that Zorro will be a fantastic mentor to his future foster brothers and sisters that have a rap sheet as long as his.


We love these dogs and we know you will too!  Please join us this Saturday, 12/17 and the 3rd Saturday of the month from  now on, 1-3pm at Luke’s Locker to meet the canine (and human!) faces behind the LFS doggies!  We promise lots of smooches, plenty of entertainment, some great information, and a chance to take home a truly wonderful new best friend!

Check out our Facebook event for details!

All of the pups pictured above will be in attendance on Saturday!  In order of photos above:

Eeyore, Georgie, Cupcake, Murphy, Jennifer, & Jenn

They can’t wait to meet you!

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