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George Oscar Bleuth (aka GOB) is a loving, affectionate little guy, and a lucky one, too.

GOB was saved off of the euthanasia table by our rescue team, just as he was to be put down for severe injuries and paralysis due to being hit by a car.  But we knew he could be fixed.

GOB’s back may have been broken, but his spirit was not.  Despite being completely paralyzed in both back legs, GOB would still drag himself around the floor to get to the nearest person so he could get some love.

He’s now recovering from his first surgery to fix his legs and is able to stand on his own, with a little help getting there. His balance is coming along and muscles tone is rapidly improving, but our veterinary staff has recommended GOB continue to receive professional physical therapy, a new cart to help him be mobile, and a second surgery to correct one of his feet.

GOB dreams of the day when he can run through a dog park – will you help that dream come true?

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