Kids Want a Puppy for Christmas? Consider Fostering

by SummerHuggins • Posted in: Foster, Pets Needing Homes

As long as kids have written letters to Santa, they’ve written letters to Santa asking for puppies. What kid wouldn’t want a puppy?! Puppies are so cute, so cuddly and so much work.

Perhaps before you consider adopting a puppy for Christmas, you and your family should consider fostering.

Fostering a puppy — or a dog of any age for that matter — will allow you to see how adding a furry family member might work with your family’s schedule and routines. It will allow you to consider different mixes of breeds, sizes and what energy levels are best for the children (and adults) in your household. Fostering also allows you to estimate the added expense and work of bringing a puppy into the house.

Most importantly, fostering allows you to save a life. And saving that one life has a ripple effect: Placing a dog into a foster home makes room at Austin Pets Alive! which allows us to pull from surrounding shelters, saving more puppies and dogs from euthanasia.

Instead of putting a puppy under the tree this year, why not consider giving the gift of saving a life by fostering.

If you and your family are ready to adopt a dog, see our full list of adoptable dogs — and puppies, of course! Dogs like Stella, pictured here under the Christmas tree, are waiting to meet you.