Marley: The Consummate Trail Site Dog!

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

Have you been searching for a true running buddy?  One that will never cancel on you?  That will push you to meet your potential and encourage you to find your second wind?  Meet Marley! 

He’s just as happy, goofy, and good natured as he looks in his photo!  Marley is the reason APA!’s Trail Site at Lady Bird Lake exists.  It was built just for him and he knows it.  Marley is in his element outdoors being active. Watch him run and it’s clear he was born to do it.  He’s graceful, powerful, and always smiling.

We check out a lot of dogs to members of the public to run or walk with and always ask them how the dog did afterwards.  Judging from people’s reactions when they get to tell us about their experience with Marley, he’s clearly leaving them all smitten.  There’s no quick, “Oh, he did well.”  We get to hear in detail what a great dog he is and about all the charming reasons why. 

These new friends Marley is leaving so smitten are absolutely right.  He is a great dog and the reasons why could fill a book.  He’s a favorite among volunteers too and has fans who make special trips to the trail or his adoption site just to hang out with him.  Marley shows up and you can’t help but break into a huge smile and start hurrying over to say hello. 

So, Austin runners, lace up those shoes & let’s go!  A running buddy as awesome as Marley doesn’t come around every day.  Visit him at the trail site on Saturdays or Sundays between 9-12 and go for your first run together, find him during the week at one of our regular adoption sites, or email email hidden; JavaScript is required for more info. 

Whatever you do, help Marley find the finish line that means he’s home to stay!

*Photos by Carolyn Yaschur

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