Notes from last night’s AAC meeting

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Awareness/ PR

Thanks to everyone who came out to the AAC meeting last night.  The room was packed.

Both APA! and Love-a-Bull presented proposals for partnering with the city to reduce the kill rate by increasing live outcomes from TLAC.  The AAC voted to recommend both proposals to City Council.

APA! proposed partnering with the city on a full-scale adoption program to increase live outcomes by 5,000 animals (dogs, cats, and wildlife)  in order to get to a 90% save rate.  Dr. Jefferson proposed that we remove the option of killing and realize that it’s going to be more difficult and cost more.  Saving an additional 5,000 will likely greatly increase the budget of TLAC, so she proposed that the city contract with APA! who can raise private funds to cover the additional costs.

Love-a-Bull proposed a partnership to develop a PR campaign to change the image of pit bulls, decrease intake, increase adoptions, and work with Apartment Managers Association to discuss their breed restrictions.  More pit bulls are being killed than any other breed at our shelter.

Many citizens spoke about the need to develop a plan for the Davenport building, and the whole TLAC structure, right now.  Doing nothing, they warned, would lead to losing the Davenport building for an additional adoption center when TLAC moves.  The AAC voted to invite someone from the Parks Department to their meetings to give an update on current planning for that space.

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