On the 10th Day of Saves APA saved Miracle!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: General

Meet Miracle! Miracle is a small poodle mix who came to APA after a very traumatic day. Miracle was found abandoned and attacked by another dog before she was brought to the city shelter. After determining she had a broken neck, Miracle was slated to be euthanized. After reading her files, our medical team knew there was hope for her to live a healthy life and rushed transport over to the city to pick her up and bring her to APA.

As Dr. Johnson, one of APA’s vets, examined an unresponsive Miracle’s organs and spine for additional injuries and gave her an IV, Miracle quickly perked up. She was awake just long enough to let everyone know she was still with us. The vet techs shouted “it’s a miracle,” which is how Miracle got her name. Amazingly, Miracle’s neck was not broken, just severely injured. Two days later, she was able to stand up on her own and eat on her own. Another 4 days later and she was up and walking.

Just as it looked like everything was getting better, Miracle became lethargic. Miracle had contracted Parvo. Canine Parvovirus is a highly contagious, life-threatening virus that rapidly infects and divides cells in a dog’s body. Parvo is very treatable, most shelters just don’t have the funds and resources to set up a Parvo Ward. Miracle was immediately admitted into APA’s Parvo Ward and was started on treatments. After a week, she went into a great foster home to finish her recovery.

In October Miracle found her furever home. Her new mom says Miracle likes to chase her around after she takes a shower and lick the water and lotion off of her. Miracle’s favorite hobby is chewing on sticks and branches in the yard, especially branches that are bigger than she is. She often tries to sneak them in the house. Her new family loves her and thinks she is hilarious!

Miracle is clearly having the time of her life in her new home! Miracle truly is a miracle to have overcome such traumatic circumstances. She is a perfect example of the essence of APA and how a little bit of hope can go along way to save an animal’s life. Without the medical team and amazing staff of volunteers who never give up, Miracle would not have been able to live out her happy life!