On the 11th Day of Saves APA saved Lightning!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Adoptions, Awareness/ PR, Special Needs Pets

Lightning is by far one of the most loved kittens to ever live with an amazing story and happy ending. It all started the day he came to APA with burn injuries. Dr. Jefferson examined Lightning as he had terrible burns on his paw pads, ear tips and tail. His extremities were burnt to crisps. It seemed to be an environmental infliction, and the only reasonable explanation was that this young kitten sat on hot asphalt for a long period of time. Medical treatment was started right away, and APA’s PR/Marketing team put the story on Facebook to find a foster. The phone calls and emails came in so fast the APA foster team couldn’t keep up.

(Reigha and Lightning under the Christmas tree.)

That was only the beginning. Since then the love has never stopped.

Growing up in APA’s Neonatal nursery, he got lots of kitten kisses. Staying in a foster home, he ate big meals that made his belly round and happy. Now, living in his forever home, he receives the unyielding love of his mama, Reigha. He is one spoiled kitty!

His foster mom, Gloria, admitted that he was by far the sweetest kitten she had ever fostered. When she picked him up from the nursery, he was missing fur on all 4 paws. His ears were missing their tips, and the end of his tail was falling off. Despite his pathetic condition, he seemed to hardly notice. The second she lifted him from his kennel, he purred as loud as a lion’s roar. She says he loved to be held like a baby and get his belly rubbed. He loved to chase feet, so she always made sure to wear socks! Gloria nursed him back to health, and got him ready for adoption. Little did she know that she was preparing him for a special adoption to a special family.

(At his foster home, Lightning naps his happy belly after a meal.)

Lightning’s forever family says he is no ordinary cat and is significant member of the family! When he first came home, the family already had a one and a half year old lab named Turner. Lightning and Turner became the best of friends almost immediately. Lightning climbs on Turner and nibbles on his ears, and the doggie couldn’t care less. Lightning, being so much tinier, makes it a funny sight to see. They are really good friends. They kiss, cuddle, and run around the house together. They even drink from the same dish!

The sweetest part of this adoption story is Lightning’s relationship with his forever mama, Reigha. They are the best of buds, and hang out all the time. They play dress up. They play pretend. She takes him outside for walks in the stroller.

What an amazing happy ending for Lightning! He went through so much as a youngster, and deserves nothing less than the happiness seen in these pictures. His forever family thinks the world of him, and APA couldn’t be more thrilled about this match made in heaven.