On the 1st Day of Saves APA saved Rudy!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Adoptions, Awareness/ PR, Donations

Rudy is a very special kitten because he is a panleukopenia survivor! Oh, and also because he had a broken leg during it all.  He is nothing short of a champion.

This year AAS and APA saw an unbelievable number of kittens with panleuk, which is much like the canine parvovirus. Before Rudy was even old enough to walk, he was moved with his family into APA’s panleuk ward for treatment after showing signs of the virus. Sadly despite medical efforts, his siblings did not survive. However, Rudy did!

Rudy became the ward’s beloved brat. All the volunteers could not help but fall in love with Rudy and his mother, Ruby. As he grew and learned to walk, the APA vets noticed that he was not using his back leg as it was swollen. After an exam, it was concluded that it was broken and his ankle joint was infected. The action plan was a foster home, antibiotics, and a leg splint.

This did not go over well at first for the little squirt who time and time again gnawed and shook the splints off.  He went through blue ones, white ones and even pink ones. The splint is now an accessory he accepts. He climbs on cat trees and furniture with no problem (or guilt). His cutest quirk is when he is scratched under his chin, he thumps his splinted leg like a happy dog.

Although he likes hanging out in boxes, he is not really an independent cat. He prefers his human and furry friends. This cuddle bug is a great nap friend, who wants companionship and attention. He is not much of a talker, more like a great listener.  He will be ready for adoption when his leg is healed and he can be neutered. Ruby, his mom, will be ready for adoption as well after her spay surgery. Is Rudy or Ruby your next pet? Email email hidden; JavaScript is required if you are interested in adopting this holiday.

You can always help save the next Rudy by donating today!