On the 2nd Day of Saves APA saved Waylon!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Adoptions, Awareness/ PR, Behavior, Donations

Waylon is another APA champion who has gone through a lot in his young life. Waylon was surrendered at Austin Animal Center after an adventure away from home left him with an injured leg and an expensive vet bill. Soon after entering AAC, he was transferred to APA.

Despite the pain he may have felt, Waylon had a lot of happy energy. He wore a sling to prevent the lame limb from dragging and carried on per puppy usual.

After a month and a half of observation, the vets decided his leg could not be saved and needed to be amputated due to infection.

However, that didn’t slow him down! Waylon is a big bundle of joy! He loves attention and belly rubs, which is nice because he has a smooth silky coat.  Waylon loves to go for runs and to play catch! Our staff always says, “he is more active than a dog with all 4 legs.” He loves to swim, and has no problem getting out of the pool using the edge and not the steps. Once his energy is burned off with exercise, he is a big cuddle bunny.

Waylon is also a play group rockstar! He loves playing with his doggie friends. His favorite thing in play group is playing chase. They sprint around the yard until they all fall down in a dog pile. No pun intended. You can watch Waylon in play group here.

Waylon’s dream came true in November when Krysten walked into APA. Waylon’s energetic and affectionate personality attracted her in no time. She is now his forever mama! He is in a loving home and happier than ever. There couldn’t be a better ending for Waylon.

If Waylon and Krysten’s story touched your heart and inspired you to adopt this holiday, visit APA or our website to find your companion.

Waylon is a great example of how your contribution impacts a life. Consider donating today to help the next dog, like Waylon, with a medical issue.