On the 4th Day of Saves APA saved Max!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: General

Max is a gorgeous 7-month-old German Shepherd mix, who was surrendered to the city shelter after he was diagnosed with the Parvovirus. It is a very contagious, life-threatening virus. However, Parvo is treatable. APA had just the place and welcomed Max into the Parvo Ward for immediate treatment. The sooner treatment is started the better the chances are for survival. Max is a great example of the many animals who come to APA extremely sick, but get back to great health with the help of our medical team and volunteers.

Max was shy and under-socialized before coming to APA, so of course the Medical team poking and proding (AKA saving his life) made him very nervous.. Due to his fear and obvious behavioral needs, the Medical team worked hand in hand with the Dog Behavior team to make the treatment process as stress-free as possible.

Once Max was nursed back to health, the Dog Behavior team immediately introduced Max to play group.  It helped him make up for lost time and he began learning how to be a normal dog again. In just a matter of two days, Max went from a big scared puppy to a big friendly goofball.

“He loves playing with all of his doggy friends in playgroup, and now he has the confidence to happily greet new people and is ready to go out and see the world,” said Mike Kaviani, APA’s Dog Behavior Program Manager.

“To me, Max is the perfect embodiment of what APA! is all about,” Kaviani continued. “You hear about a big scared puppy that is on death’s door due to a highly infectious disease being surrendered to an animal shelter and your heart sinks because in most places the fate of that dog is sealed. At APA!, our Medical Team unquestioningly takes that puppy in and cures him, thus saving his life and preserving his spirit so our Behavior Team can then take over and offer him a world of enriching experiences to make up for the time he has lost.

“In a matter of just a couple of weeks, you see this scared, dying puppy transform into a joyful and healthy pet who is ready to take on the world and live a long successful life as someone’s cherished pet. This is what APA! is all about, and dogs like Max are a shining (and fluffy) example of the life-saving model that APA! has created.”

The Medical team gave Max a second chance at life, and the Dog Behavior team helped him become the best dog he can be.