On the 7th Day of Saves APA saved Bliss!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Adoptions, Awareness/ PR, Donations, Special Needs Pets

Bliss is one special (post-ringworm) cat! After moving to APA into the Ringworm Ward, he suddenly started developing non-Ringworm skin lesions. His foot pads were scabby, his fur coat was growing thin, and his ears had excess wax. After days of medical observation, it was apparent Bliss had a food allergy and needed hypo-allergenic food.

After the switch, Bliss transformed into a brand new, spunky cat. His real personality came alive and skyrocketed! He greeted visitors with enthusiasm, assisted managers with typing emails, and helped volunteers wash dishes. Before he knew it, he was promoted and earned the title, “Ringworm Ward co-manager”.

His mischievous, yet lighthearted, play skills are what made him popular with volunteers and staff. Bliss could often be found trying to sneak food from other kitty bowls besides his own. When he was caught, he would look up with an expression of innocence as if he was saying, “What? I didn’t do it.”

In contrast to his silly prankster side, Bliss has a gentler and caring side. He is an affectionate and cuddly kitty, who loves to join nap piles. At APA, he had the nickname  “Papa Bliss” because he mothered the younger kittens.  If a little one began to cry, he would run over and kiss their face to console them. He always kept a close, protective eye on them. He acted like a big brother and would play rough and tough with the energetic kittens. If one of the kitties pushed his limits, he would merely walk off instead of fight back. His patience and tenderness with the kittens was admirable and undeniably cute.

Bliss quickly won over his forever mom. She read his bio on the APA website, and knew he would be the perfect fit for her family. She had a cat on a special hypo-allergenic diet, who was in need of a companion. She went down to APA as soon as she could, and adopted  him into her forever home.

Bliss was the best papa of the Ringworm Ward family, and in return he finally got what he deserved: a family of his own.

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