On the 8th Day of Saves APA saved Cafe!

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Cafe is one of the most beloved dogs at APA! Everyone knows him to be one step behind Faith Wright, APA’s Animal Care Program Director and Cafe’s saving grace. He is a 2 year old American Bulldog mix who came to APA after a sad and emotional past. It is his transformation and tender heart that wins over every single person he meets.

Cafe was raised as a backyard dog, chained up in the yard with his aggressive father dog and brother dog. It is evident that Cafe experienced a brutal upbringing. There are old scars around his neck that could be canine or human inflicted. The trio would often break out of the  yard and cause grave trouble around the neighborhood, so they were eventually surrendered to Austin Animal Center.

When Cafe came to APA, he was shut down and clearly scared. His traumatic past clearly took a great toll on him. In order to decrease Cafe’s stress and fear levels, Faith kept him in her office instead of a kennel and APA’s veterinarian prescribed anti-anxiety medication. The combination of medicine and Faith’s love worked wonders for him!

Given an environment of peace and love as Faith has done, Cafe is finally able to show his true colors. His heart and soul were smothered in the intense and aggressive environment of his former home. He is now a calm and sensitive doggie. He is best friends with dogs like Joey, a tiny Chihuahua, and this gentle giant participates in the small dog playgroups instead of the big dog playgroups. He has the time of his life thinking he is the same size!

(Best buds, Cafe and Joey, together and eyeing something interesting.)

With love, patience and behavior training, Cafe is a brand new dog. A little bit of care goes a long way with sweet dogs who were treated unfairly in the past and just need some time to recuperate. APA gives animals this chance every day, especially when Mike Kaviani, Dog Behavior Manager, came on board to enhance APA’s behavior program.

Cafe is still looking for his forever home and will be a loving companion. He especially will make a wonderful pet for women and in a home with feminine energy because Cafe just love the ladies. He can’t help it!

(Cafe and JD wish everyone a happy holiday!)

If you are interested in meeting Cafe and are considering making him your newest family member please email email hidden; JavaScript is required. The staff and volunteers will miss him so much, but we can’t wait for him to have his happily ever after!