On the 9th Day of Saves APA saved Axel and Matthew!

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: General

It is hard to forget the day Axel (on the right) and Matthew (on the left) were adopted. Wendy Salter, APA’s Cat Adoption Manager, was so overjoyed she ran from building to building and office to office to tell everyone the news and give high fives. These two buddies are Feline Leukemia positive and lived in APA’s FeLV Sanctuary. Axel had been a long-stay cat and in the sanctuary since October 2011. Matthew was the popular FeLV love bug. Even dog adoption counselors, like Deaven Wilson, made special trips to visit him in the sanctuary.  When she first met Matthew and he instantly gave her lovey head butts, she shouted, “This is the best thing EVER!  I’m going to come in here now whenever I’m sad!”

FeLV is contagious through saliva, so FeLV positive cats either live together or live without feline companionship. This adoption was also a special one because two amazing FeLV kitties went home together. It is not very common for an adopter to adopt two adult cats in one swoop, but Chelsea did! She changed their life walking into APA that day.

Axel goes by “Doctor” in Chelsea’s home. She says he is very shy at first, but then he is attached at the hip after he gives his approval. Matthew AKA “Professor” is a talker. He has things to say all day and all night. Like a typical cat, he is a night owl and keeps Chelsea awake until 2am in the morning with his gabbing. She says she has caught herself half asleep chasing him all over the house to get him to shut his yapper. Chelsea tells APA that Axel and Matthew were the perfect additions to her household, which already included a roommate and a pug named Luna.

Matthew is the affectionate love bug in his new home just like he was in the FeLV Sanctuary. He takes care of and grooms Axel and Luna. The trio love cuddling together. They wait in line and take turns to be pet. They are the three best friends that anybody could have!