Severaly neglected Lab will make it to 2014!

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Hi Everyone,

I am sitting here at my desk trying to finish projects (catch up is probably more accurate) and as I see all the New Year’s celebration emails coming in from friends I also see the stark contrast between that and the emails coming from Austin Pets Alive! staff and volunteers. Today APA! is saving the lives of dozens of dogs and cats, just like every other day of 2013. You probably see faces just like the ones we are saving today, these are real lives that would not live to see 2014 if we were not here. We saved 95 lives over the weekend too. It makes me literally tear up a little to think about what would have been the reality for these pets if we were not here.

We don’t get the chance to highlight their individual stories as much as they deserve but today I think it is important to see at least one face of a life saved today, the last day of 2013. This little Labrador came into the City shelter severely emaciated and with extreme hair loss. He only weighed 54 lbs and should weigh at least 75 lbs. In the two weeks he was held while being processed as a possible cruelty case, he gained 8 whole Tiny saved 12-31-13pounds. He was literally starving before he came into the shelter and would have died on the streets. In this picture of him being saved,  you can see every bone in his body.

Unfortunately, and just like in most shelters across the country, he was selected for euthanasia due to his poor shape. However that did not happen today. He is saved today because APA! staff and volunteers are here, working to save lives like his. We have found a foster home and we are now raising funds for his care. He will have a long road to recovery but when he is a beautiful Labrador again which we know without a doubt he will be, we will share his picture.

Thank you for helping animals like Tiny, helping Austin Pets Alive! ensure that Austin stays No-Kill and for helping Austin be a better place for animals. Every little thing you do to help, makes an impact on at least one life. 

Have a great New Year’s Eve!