Sherlock’s road to adoption – FUND COMPLETE! THANK YOU!

by Medical Team • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins

imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-MRPB3zDumrU0Sherlock may be mature, but he’s young at heart. He is still very active and chatty. He meows when he wants to tell you something – usually that he is hungry! Sherlock seems to chase the sun around his foster home – he loves to take a nap in the warm sun. Sherlock really loves people and likes to spend the majority of his time in the company of humans. He is a really sweet guy who loves human affection. He purrs and cuddles and makes biscuits. He’ll even give an affectionate head-butt when he wants pets.

While Sherlock has come a long way from when he first arrived at APA, very emaciated and scared, he is still on his way to healing. Sherlock has a broken and loose canine tooth that needs to come out and needs a blood profile to treat for what the vets think is early kidney disease.APA-A-43478-2

Sherlock is now accepting donations towards the final steps in his recovery then off to adoption he goes!