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We are desperate to grow, but without a building, we are very limited. TLAC has open cages while euthanasia is continuing because they have bottlenecks with getting pets ready for adoption.

Therefore, we are so excited to announce a new program in our partnership to save even more pets.

TLAC is giving us 6 of their open cages for us to keep dogs in overnight. Every day, an adoption counselor will go to TLAC to get the dogs in our program that are living there and will take them to a new adoption site.

These dogs will be APA! “property” and we will do all of the medical workup on them and take care of them, like we do for all of our pets. If they get sick or have behavior issues, they will be transferred to one of our foster homes and a new dog will take their space there. They will stay in our program until adopted. TLAC will simply serve as a place for the dogs to sleep at night.

We estimate that this will save over 300 dogs per year.

While the overnight housing for the dogs has been donated by the City, the cost to transport them to and from the community adoption sites and the equipment is still needed. It costs approximately $10,000 to open a new adoption site with $8,000 of that needed for a van.

And for some more exciting news – a TLAC volunteer has donated $2,000 after seeing Dr. Jefferson speak at the AAC meeting on Monday night!  We can use that toward the expenses to get the site set up and now just need to find a van.

So we’re reaching out again to our community for help. We need either $8,000 or a used, but working, van. If you have a van you can donate, please send us an email at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Thank you to Clara Tuma and KVUE news for running a story on this exciting new opportunity!

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  1. Bethsays: December 20, 2009 at 12:20 am

    This is SUCH GREAT NEWS!!!!! :)