The Best Tuesday Ever! #GivingTuesday #IamNeville

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Today we are thrilled to announce that Neville has found his new forever home. Chosen from a number of qualified adopters, Neville’s new family meets the criteria set forth by the court and gives Neville the fresh start that we were hoping for his new life.

We are still amazed and heartened by the support shown by people like you for Neville. Neville’s story grabbed us and spoke to our hearts — adopters and animal lovers alike — because Neville’s story is not unique. Through a series of circumstances beyond his control, Neville’s life became endangered and he needed the intervention of people to save his life.

Every animal APA saves is, in its own way, Neville: a cat that scratches and bites out of fear, a chihuahua dumped in the trash for non- contagious mange, a litter of newly born kittens without a mother to care for them — all circumstances that were death penalties in shelters in the past. But things are changing.

We were inspired by the story of a dog that became a symbol of the changing attitudes in animal sheltering. Unbeknownst to Neville, the support of an entire community of animal lovers stepped up to say — this dog, this circumstance and this outcome — not this time, not in Austin.

We didn’t stand idly by as a dog was ordered to be killed for being a dog. We made him important. We cared about his life. We gave him a voice.

We all stood together, we recognized our story in his and we stated firmly and undeniably on behalf of the cats and dogs who cannot speak for themselves– We are all Neville and we are all worth saving!

On this day of giving, #GivingTuesday — show us your Neville — tell us who you saw in his story and, more importantly, give so that we can save more animals like Neville. Let’s make it the best Tuesday ever for animals everywhere! #WeAreAllNeville