Tiny Tim

by Lisa Maxwell • Posted in: General

Tiny Tim is feeling the love! Thanks to your generosity, we have raised ALL the funds needed for Tiny Tim’s surgery and even enough to cover any complications. Thank you so much! AND we were able to confirm his surgery for January 6! The outpouring of support for this wonderful dog is truly remarkable. If you would like to be updated on Tiny’s progress, you can sign up here to receive weekly updates, or just check back on this page.  

Though Tiny Tim’s costs are covered, APA! has many more animals awaiting treatment for severe medical needs. If you would like to help, read more about them here

Donations are needed to help Tiny Tim walk again!

Tiny Tim, a seven-month-old puppy brought into APA! from another shelter with severely malformed hind legs after being forced to live in a crate too small for him day and night will need extensive surgery and rehabilitation. Tiny Tim sm

According to his surrender notes, Tiny Tim had been bought at a flea market. “For the majority of his puppyhood, Tiny Tim was kept in a small crate that did not allow his hind legs to grow normally,” said Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Executive Director of APA!. “His knee caps are on the side of his legs as a result of staying in a bent position for too long. The femur bones have literally grown past the knee caps so he can no longer extend his hind legs or walk normally.”

An orthopedic specialist, who helps APA!, has recommended a groundbreaking new procedure; however, this level of highly specialized medical care comes with a cost – a minimum of $2,000. APA! is seeking donations to help offset the costs of Tiny Tim’s surgery and subsequent care. APA!, with its more advanced lifesaving programs, acts as the safety net for shelters in and around Austin for pets from shelters that lack the resources to help.

“Tiny Tim is surprisingly sweet and happy. He didn’t deserve what happened to him, whether it was done out of ignorance or cruelty,” said Jefferson. “We want to give him a second chance to live his life to the fullest.”

While Tiny Tim’s history is heartbreaking, he is currently resting happily in his foster home and by all accounts is a as jolly and sweet as they come. Once sufficient funds are raised his surgery can be scheduled for early January.

*any funds raised in excess of those needed for Tiny Tim will be applied to other medical cases.