To All The Lives Worth Saving in 2015

by Marketing • Posted in: Awareness/ PR

So far in 2015, APA! has taken in more than 6700 dogs and cats. These animals were all in danger of being euthanized and we took them because we believe their lives are worth saving.

In the past, simply being too sick or too young, or not knowing manners was reason enough for pets to be killed in traditional shelters. The idea of going the extra mile to treat and train them seemed too complicated. And that’s where APA! makes the difference. Our groundbreaking programs were developed to meet the needs of the animals most commonly at risk.

In addition to pulling animals into our programs when other shelters are out of space, this year alone APA! has saved more than 400 puppies with parvo, 1700 neonatal kittens, 300 cats with ringworm and is instituting new behavior programs to help the dogs who need training intervention. In addition, we have had up to 388 dogs in foster homes at a given time, as well as more than 685 families fostering cats during our busy kitten season. More than 2,000 volunteers, who do everything from dog walking to data entry, help us succeed.

APA! relies completely on donations, sponsorships and grants to run our operation. As Austin approaches its fifth anniversary of being the largest no-kill city in the nation, I would like to reflect on how we got here and where we need to go by sharing this short video.

We hope it will inspire you to donate, foster or volunteer, and to share this important message with your own networks.