Tonight’s AAC meeting – foster program

by austinpetsalive • Posted in: Awareness/ PR

Tonight the AAC is going to discuss a large-scale foster program for TLAC. From the AAC’s report:

Volunteers in Charlottesville, Virginia, fostered 1,700 animals in 2007 in a community of roughly 100,000 residents. Said another way, about one animal was fostered for every 60 residents in the community. If TLAC implemented a foster program to the same scale, over 11,500 animals would be fostered—more than the number of animals predicted to be euthanized at the shelter this year. Foster programs can be cost-effective and revenue-
neutral because fosters pay for food and shelter and the City retains adoption fees (and avoids disposal costs) for every additional life saved.

Tonight’s meeting to plan for programs and policies to make Austin a no kill city will be at 6:30 at WALLER CREEK PLAZA, ROOM 104—-625 E. 10th Street.

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