Wonderful Chip, The Mangy Apple of My Eye

by Hilary Bentley • Posted in: Pets Needing Homes

There’s a certain “type” of  dog that I just can’t get enough of.  To an outside observer, it may seem that those dogs are mangy, bully-breed boys with a mischievous streak.  And, I suppose they’d have a point.  To me, what I love are the best natured, most fun, and most resilient dogs in the world. 

The most recent dog to steal my heart (and hours of my time) with his irresistible awesomeness is Chip.  I love him.  And you, potential adopter, should too!

True to my doggie “type,” Chip is recovering (handsomely, I might add) from Demodex mange.  Oh, the mange.  The Demodex kind is non-contagious to people and other dogs, so no worries there.  Could mange possibly make a dog cuter?  More endearing?  Absolutely.  It speaks to their spirit, their courage, and their inspiring capacity to let go of the past and embrace the future. 

Whether or not we know a dog with advanced mange’s past, it is evident they were not well cared for.  They weren’t loved or valued or shown how to be a companion.  But they are willing and eager to experience that and they approach their new trusted humans with open hearts and grateful smiles.  Chip’s smile melts my heart and his wiggling butt makes me happier than almost anything.  His joy at experiencing the world in this new, positive way is enough to remind you how lucky we are to be alive.

Is Chip a bully breed?  I’d wager to say yes, though I can’t confirm with any certainty.  His personality, more than anything physical, tells me he’s got some type of bully mixed in there.  Bully breeds are smart, fast learners and the hands down most fun dogs to train, at least in my opinion.  Those smarts are coupled with an awesome canine sense of humor and an eagerness to please their handler.  Be calm, confident, and ready to have fun and your bully breed will follow you anywhere. 

What about that sense of mischief?  Not all of us want a dog you could mistake for a furry accessory.  I love a dog that challenges me, teaches me, and makes me laugh.  I’m not talking about terrible misbehavior.  But some boundaries were made to be pushed, some rules are hilarious when they’re broken, and some dogs have a knack for helping us lighten up.

If reading about Chip has brought even the slightest twitch of a smile to your face, I highly recommend you go meet the real deal.  He’s a master at quite the list of commands and would love to show off for you.  If you’re thinking he’d be a great buddy for your resident dog, you’re right.  If you’re wondering if he rides nicely in a car, he does.  If you think you’d like to take him out on the town (or trails), he’s ready to go with you.  And if you hope he’ll make a great nap buddy when your adventure together is done, your wish is granted.

Email email hidden; JavaScript is required for more info or check our website to see where Chip is right now and GO MEET HIM.  And adopt him.  Today.

Photos 1, 2, &4 by Carolyn Yaschur.  Photo 3 by Cindy Light. Photo 5 by Angela Lozano.

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