$25K Year-End Dollar Dash – Use It or Lose It!

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It has been an absolutely tremendous year for us here at Austin Pets Alive! From winning the ASPCA $100K Challenge to being awarded the shelter space at Town Lake Animal Center, it is thanks to your help, support and donations that we’ve been able to save nearly 5,000 lives in 2011 alone, our highest number yet, bringing us to over 11,000 lives saved in just three years.

And so, as we near the close of the year, it’s time we call on you for your help in another big way that will save a lot of lives. We have the opportunity to receive a generous $25,000 donation from a private donor – under the stipulation that we raise $25,000 ourselves to match the donation by December 31, 2011.

We need you to open your heart and wallet and donate right now before it is too late, so we can receive this amazing donation. Every dollar you donate is really two, so the time couldn’t be better to help APA! save lives.

This donation will help us to save puppies like Edgrr and kittens like Gabe, pictured here, who are literally hours away from euthanasia and have already been chosen as the ones that must die to shelter overcrowding and lack of resources. Sadly, there are hundreds of Edgrrs and Gabes in Central Texas that have only us to rely on to save them at their final moment, and we can only do it with your help and donations like this.

Need a holiday gift? Donations on behalf of loved ones are also a fantastic and meaningful holiday gift. If you choose to donate as a gift, the recipient will receive a thank you card on behalf of APA! and your donation – all you need to do is fill out their name and address in the dedication box. Cards are sent out generally within 24 hours of your donation, so it is not too late!

Thank you for your time, love, and support in spreading the word of our mission to save lives. 5,000 cats and dogs are alive and well this holiday season, who definitely would not have been without APA’s programs and your support, and we are so thankful for that.

Happy Holidays!
Dr. Ellen Jefferson, DVM and Executive Director of Austin Pets Alive!

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