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Vehicle Donation that just saved a bunch of lives!

Today was a great day. Mr. Z’s foster just happened to mention APA!’s needs for vehicle donations, and voila! an amazing donor gave us one. We are so thrilled with this because we all know that it means we can … Continue reading

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Mr. Z is chillin’ like a villain…

Mr. Z’s last 24 hours have seen an amazing improvement. He took two walks today, doing his best to keep up with the other pups. In fact, he was the first one out of the door this evening! He’s very … Continue reading

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Sure, what’s 13 more.

We got a call a couple of days ago from Ellen asking about the status of our current foster dog, Grace, and telling us about the lab mix and 12 pups that needed immediate rescue. Grace was formerly feral and … Continue reading

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For Mr. Z – Happy Days are Here Again!

Mr. Z had a good night last night doing all the things that dogs do – laying near me and the pups in his soft bed, wanting to go outside a number of times, just to sniff around, and eating … Continue reading

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Phoenix Video Update

Here is the video we have been waiting for. I hope it stays up this time. You are going to be so impressed with how far this little devil has come! [googlevideo=]

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Bonnie the Survivor 7-30-08

Thank you to everyone who has been sending love, support and prayers to Bonnie in the last week – it seems to be helping!!  We have made it through two days of meds to treat her fungal infection and I’m … Continue reading

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Update on Mr. Z

Unfortunately, Mr. Z had another tough night. At this point he’s lost so much fur that he has trouble regulating his temperature. Now I know why he likes to hang out on the back porch as much as he does … Continue reading

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Burn Victim Mr. Z is Not Out of the Woods Yet.

Mr. Z had a tough time this morning. When I and my other two pups got up for “morning snuggles” he stayed in his bed. I went over to him to give him a pet or two and he was … Continue reading

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