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Jo’s Easter Parade this Saturday

Please join us for Jo’s 11th Annual Easter Parade this Saturday, April 3rd. (Facebook friends can find the event here.) The parade will kick-off at 12 Noon at the corner of Congress and Annie Street and end at Jo’s Coffee … Continue reading

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Duke needs a home

Apologies are needed for not posting about Duke in so long.  Duke was the boy we pulled who had almost no hair and who had a condition called entropian, which caused his eyelids to roll in and his lashes to … Continue reading

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Healthy kittens and a call for formula

As mentioned in a previous post, the Bottle Baby team visited the Wildlife Rehab & Rescue facility in Kendalia, TX last month, and learned a lot of useful tips on keeping orphaned babies healthy. One of the procedures learned that … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day event recap

Thanks to everyone who helped make our St. Patrick’s Day Adoption Event at Lakeline Mall a huge success. We had six adoptions, including one 14 year old cat, and we raised over $300 from the bake sale and raffle. That’s … Continue reading

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Meet the Bottle Baby “H” Litter

As each new litter of bottle babies arrives, APA! refers to that litter with the next letter of the alphabet. In January, we had our “A” litter. The next litter was our “B” litter, and so on. Last week we … Continue reading

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Annie Oakley

“Excuse me, can I have your attention for a moment? Just a moment! Great, thanks! A moment is all it will take for you to fall in love with me. My name’s Annie Oakley, and as my name depicts, I … Continue reading

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Update 5/5: Last Monday, Biggie had his leg removed. Unfortunately, the pin in his leg didn’t work out. His foster reported that he’s doing very well on his other three legs. We’ll post more info when we get it! Thanks, … Continue reading

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Using All Our Resources For The Babies

Every now & then, the Bottle Baby team has an opportunity to tap into the resources within the APA! foster community. We try to get our babies into foster care as soon as possible, but sometimes we know we have … Continue reading

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