Donate to Help the Burned Kittens

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**UPDATE – April 11th, 2017**

Today, Lightning started eating kibble and gruel all by herself! The medical team is still supplementing her food via syringe, but this is a great start to her recovery and ability to eat on her own.

The APA! Clinic Team is still keeping a close eye on her left leg – we will monitor and care for it as needed during her recovery. Lightning continues to inspire and amaze us with her resilience!

Lightning’s brothers and sister are doing well, too! Two of them have made their way to the kitten nursery, and besides an easily treatable case of ringworm, all are healthy! Longhorn, one of Lightning’s brothers, is still in foster with her and is also doing well.

For those who have expressed interest in adopting one of these amazing fighters, stay tuned for more updates on their availability.

**UPDATE – April 4th, 2017**

Lightning has officially opened both of her eyes! She can also now suckle from a bottle, and as of yesterday, her canines are starting to poke through so she will likely be able to start eating gruel this week. Her whiskers are even starting to grow back! She is truly an amazing fighter.

Lightning still needs to come to the APA! Clinic daily for left leg wraps, and we’re not completely in the clear on that front. We’re keeping an eye on this leg to watch for any positive or negative developments.

Her siblings are also doing well – the three of them are being given a lot of TLC and are being meticulously monitored.  We hope to have even better news to share as we continue to give care and we thank you, sincerely, for your support and interest in these strong siblings.

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[Warning- you may find these images/video disturbing.]

This week, Austin Pets Alive! received four burned kittens in our clinic. And while three of them, at least on the surface, only have singed fur, Lightning is fighting for her life. She has been severely burned and is currently being treated with antibiotics, pain medications, topical cream, eye drops and love. As of Friday morning, Lightning also has a swollen front leg that we’re keeping a close eye on.

What happened? A gentleman started a controlled brush fire not knowing that a nest of kittens was hidden in the field. As soon as he heard their cries, he hurried to rescue them and transport them to his nearest shelter. The shelter then turned to the APA! clinic for emergency help.

Sustaining intense injuries like this, and so young, puts these kittens in a very precarious situation which is still being monitored. Luckily, our team is situated to give them the best chance. Help ensure that these amazing animals have more than just a little hope.

Thank you for making it possible for us to provide the best possible care to these four kittens in need – especially sweet Lightning!


*any funds raised in excess of those needed for the burned kittens will be applied to other medical cases.