Incontinent Cats

Incontinent cats and kittens are at risk of dying in most every animal shelter in the country, despite the fact that most of them are otherwise healthy and happy. Cats can be born with incontinence issues (such as Manx Syndrome) or develop them as a result of traumatic nerve injury. Austin Pets Alive! believes these cats are also lives worth saving and has many wonderful cats and kittens with incontinence available for adoption!

Some incontinent cats and kittens need to have their bladders manually expressed, while others do not. Bladder expression is easily taught and managed. It is a simple targeted squeeze of the bladder, typically three times per day, over a toilet or potty-pad. It takes seconds.

Watch  how it’s done. 

Cats who do not require bladder expression may leak, or dribble, urine or stool. For many cats, manual bladder expression eliminates leaking. For others, adorable and functional kitty diapers are available to keep your home neat and tidy!

Kitten in a diaper

If you are in the Austin area, APA! is happy to teach potential adopters how to express a cat’s bladder. If you are outside Austin, your veterinarian will be a great resource to teach you. It is a skill nearly everyone can master and does not cause any discomfort to the cat.

Adopting an Incontinent Cat

Adoption fees are waived for all cats and kittens with incontinence. Out of area and out of state adoptions are available for cats and kittens with incontinence.

If you are in the Austin area, simply stop by APA! to complete the adoption process normally.

If you are outside the Austin area, email email hidden; JavaScript is required to learn more about the cat you are interested in. If the cat is a good match for you and you’d like to proceed, APA! will conduct the adoption application process with you by phone and email. Out of area adopters will require a veterinary reference, proof of ability to have the pet in your living quarters, and a home check by a professional rescue partner. You will also speak to an APA! veterinarian to discuss the cat’s medical history and ask any medical questions you might have.

The adopted cat will then be transported to you by a trusted rescue transport service. There may be costs associated with this, or APA! may be able to secure these services at no cost to you, depending on your location and our available resources.

If, at any time, you are no longer able to keep the adopted cat, she must be returned to APA! in Austin, TX.

See the list of available incontinent cats.

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