Animal ID: APA-A-50238
Sex: M
Looks Like: Domestic Shorthair
Current Weight: 6.58 pounds
Date of Birth: 2017-05-17
Age: 8 months
Location: Foster Home

https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/10/15/13/20171015132817.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/10/18/18/20171018180733.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/10/18/18/20171018180802.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/10/18/18/20171018180816.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/10/18/18/20171018180830.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/10/18/18/20171018180840.png

Playful, Curious, Shy

We don't mean to brag, but Porthos may be the most handsome of the Musketeers bunch. He has a natural white mustache and beard and that orange coat of his is extra soft! His ears are a bit rugged, but everyone has their flaws. Besides, it adds to his character.

Even though Porthos is noble, he is not at all proud. A tough beginning in the wild has made him a bit leery and shy. But, when you pet him he thinks it feels nice and if you give him the time he needs, he will show you his true affections. He would love a human companion who knows his kind and who will be patient while he learns what it means to be a domesticated lad.

Playing is his specialty and feathers, bells and anything with catnip suits his fancy! If your tub isn't full of water, he may bring a toy in and get a little game of handball going. Those little foam soccer balls would be lots of fun if you'd like to sponsor one of his sports! He likes other cats, rabbits, and friendly dogs; the non-hyper ones please. He has found the scratching post quite useful and he always use the litter box.

If you're looking for a dashing kitty with a soft side just waiting to be revealed, contact us to meet Porthos today!

All APA! cats are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and have updated vaccines and a microchip. Lifetime support is offered by our Cat Behavior Team.

For further information or to meet Porthos, please email [email protected]