Animal ID: APA-A-50392
Sex: M
Looks Like: Domestic Medium Hair
Current Weight: 2.63 pounds
Date of Birth: 2017-03-19
Age: 8 months
Location: Foster Home

Playful, loving, rambunctious

There are two words you seldom, if ever, expect to see in the same cat adoption biography. Those words are "cuddler" and "aggressive." But according to the foster home currently enjoying the company of a striking gray tabby named Garrus (you heard right, Garrus) those words describe him perfectly.

He is an aggressive cuddler.

As soon as his foster enters the room, he is all over her, insinuating himself into an extended cuddle. He has also been known to lull his foster to sleep at night, then lick her nose wide awake in the morning hoping for more of the same.

Garrus isn't a particularly hyper feline as these things go, until suddenly, for no apparent reason, he'll embark on a joyous spree, sprinting around the apartment, attacking innocent toys (mostly teaser and kicking toys), generally wearing himself out, and finally heading to the nearest sunny window for a nap. Curiously, for such a active and playful critter, Garrus isn't particularly vocal, producing tentative little meows when he's after food or love. Probably both.

Garrus is suspicious of his foster's dog, but also curious. It's almost as if they'd like to play together, but aren't quite sure how to go about it. Because he's so receptive to attention, he would probably do pretty well with kids. Cats, on the other hand, would need to be the type who enjoy being pounced upon.

Lately, Garrus has been scratching his foster's rug, so getting him used to a scratching post has risen a bit higher on her list of things to do. Along with finding him the ideal forever home: one with a big window for sunning himself, plenty of room for running around, plenty of toys to play with, and, of course, plenty of love. Especially the aggressively cuddly kind.

Garrus has tested positive for Feline Leukemia (FeLV). It is possible for kittens six months and older to shed this virus completely and test negative, so Garrus will be re-tested for FeLV at his six-month birthday, at which time a definitive diagnosis can be assured. Until then, Garrus should live with no other cats or kittens to ensure the virus in not passed. Garrus is available for adoption now to adopters who can accommodate a feline leukemia positive, or negative, cat as he is not yet of age to have a definitive test. For more information, please contact APA! or read more by our Partner, Best Friends Animal Society:

All APA! cats are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and have updated vaccines and a microchip. Lifetime support is offered by our Cat Behavior Team.

For further information, or to meet Garrus, please email [email protected]