Animal ID: APA-A-53512
Adoption Fee: $0.00
Sex: M
Looks Like: Domestic Longhair
Current Weight: 7.25 pounds
Date of Birth: 2017-04-21
Age: 1 year, 2 months
Location: In Foster
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Affectionate, sweet, playful

However this handsome tabby boy, with the white ascot tie and matching socks, acquired his unusual moniker-namely, "Ghoul"-it can't have had anything to do with his personality. As you can see from the three adjectives up top, this fellow is about as non-ghoulish as a cat can be, cuddling up as he does on a handy lap and rewarding the owner with little nibbles of love.

Ghoul arrived at his foster home with his brother, and together they formed the legendary Roughriders of the Purple Sage. Actually, more like the Roughriders of the Living Room, Dining Room and Hall Closet. Anyway, little Ghoul loved nothing more than tearing around those three locales for at least 10 minutes before flopping down in place for a well-deserved (in his mind) siesta.

Today, Ghoul's favorite playtime activity involves a nice, big, slippery, devious and wily piece of...ICE? Yep, every time the freezer door opens, Ghoul is front and center for any chunks that fall to the floor. Toss one across the room and he'll run, jump and slide right over to capture it. It's a hoot!

(On the subject of play, it's also important to note that if you're a music lover, it would be best not to leave your earbuds just lying around. Ghoul will be on them like...well, like a cat. And good luck getting them back.)

When it comes to transgressions, Ghoul does admit to scratching a bar stool or two. But once his foster placed a handy scratching surface nearby, he was more than willing to make the switch.

Something you should be aware of is that Ghoul is also FeLV+ (Feline Leukemia Virus), which causes a weakened immune system and requires special care. APA! provides some medical assistance after adoption. Cats with FeLV typically have a shortened lifespan. Ghoul is not contagious to people or dogs, but should live only with other FeLV+ cats. For more information, please contact APA! or read more by our Partner, Best Friends Animal Society:

But however long his life with your family may be, you can be very sure of one thing. As long as it's made up of loving humans, playful cats, mellow dogs, and a freezer, that will be very cool with Ghoul.

All APA! cats are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and have updated vaccines and a microchip. Lifetime support is offered by our Cat Behavior Team.

For further information, or to meet Ghoul, please email [email protected]