Animal ID: APA-A-54824
Adoption Fee: $0.00
Sex: M
Looks Like: Domestic Shorthair
Current Weight: 10.2 pounds
Date of Birth: 2010-11-04
Age: 7 years, 8 months
Location: In Foster
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https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2018/03/23/20/20180323202348.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2018/01/26/19/20180126190550.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2018/01/26/19/20180126190543.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/12/11/19/20171211191454.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2018/01/26/19/20180126190604.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2018/01/26/19/20180126190616.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2018/01/26/19/20180126190628.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2018/03/23/20/20180323202033.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2018/03/23/20/20180323202444.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2018/03/23/20/20180323202500.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2018/03/23/20/20180323202517.png

Serene, Cheerful, Terrific

Hercules has little in common with his Greek namesake. He's not about showing off his muscles or flaunting his good looks. Although he certainly could...just look at those gorgeous orange tabby stripes and that handsome face of his! No, our Hercules would rather just chill out and enjoy a nice head scratch.

This calm boy has a happy demeanor and an even temperament! He may be slightly reserved initially, but he warms up quickly to your kindness and then becomes relaxed and ready for your love; in fact, once you become his beloved, he likes to keep you in his sight (think of the emoji of the cat with hearts for eyes - that's Hercules, looking at you!). He's fine with being picked up and does well with kiddos. He is such a loving boy!

Hercules has diabetes and requires some extra medical care, which may include regulated diet and/or insulin; for more information, please contact APA! He obediently eats all the food that is good for him, and doesn't mind receiving insulin shots. He's super tall, long, and at a healthy weight!

Hercules was concerned about the resident dog in his foster home when they first met, but he soon realized that the senior toy poodle meant him no harm! And now they easily live together.

Hercules doesn't scratch inappropriately, and has become more playful since relaxing into his foster home - he likes to bat toys around!

Hercules is an all-around good guy who is patiently waiting for a home with people who will give him attention, and who will appreciate the googly eyes they will get in return. He's such a great cat! Contact us today to meet him.

Hercules is a healthy FIV+ (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) cat. FIV+ cats typically live long, healthy lives! For more information, please contact APA! or read this FAQ: http://bestfriends.org/Resources/FAQs-About-Feline-Immunodeficiency-Virus-FIV

All APA! cats are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and have updated vaccines and a microchip. Lifetime support is offered by our Cat Behavior Team.

For further information or to meet Hercules, please email us at [email protected]