Erin Element

Animal ID: APA-A-56318
Adoption Fee: $25.00
Sex: F
Looks Like: Domestic Shorthair
Current Weight: 6.56 pounds
Date of Birth: 2017-01-19
Age: 1 year, 8 months
Location: TLAC

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Erin Element isn't afraid of people, but she also isn't an attention-seeker - so you might overlook her! Which would be a great loss, because she is a great cat. Her ideal human is looking for an independent, confident, smart, and happy cat - because that description fits Erin to a T.

Beautiful, Erin is a Van mix, with a calico hat and tail! And one adorable black dot on her nose, and another on her back. Good grief, she's spectacular-looking!

Erin can usually be found playing with toys, toy balls, or simply running around in a circle! She is self-entertaining and fun to watch. When she is curious and interested in something, her ears point forward so she doesn't miss anything. So cute! She doesn't seek out her feline roommates to play with, but she will hang out near them when she takes a chill.

Otherwise, Erin can be found enjoying the view from any window. She prefers a quiet environment, so a home with adults and young adults would be perfect. She would be happy as an only cat, or could co-exist with another easy-going cat; either way is fine with her! And while she is okay with people, she will need her patient human companions to give her time to get used to them, and the chance to fit into her new life.

Erin eats a cat food tailored for urinary support, easily found in local stores.

Contact us today if it sounds like Erin would be in her element in your home and your life!

All APA! cats are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and have updated vaccines and a microchip. Lifetime support is offered by our Cat Behavior Team.

For further information or to meet Erin Element, please email [email protected]