Animal ID: APA-A-64732
Adoption Fee: $0.00
Sex: F
Looks Like: Domestic Shorthair
Current Weight: 5.6 pounds
Date of Birth: 2017-07-25
Age: 1 year, 6 months
Location: In Foster
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Affectionate, Playful, Curious

Sienna usually has a quizzical look on her face, and that is because she is cross-eyed! She isn't dazed or confused, she is simply adorable. She was rescued with her kittens, Kiarra and Kylee, and now that they are old enough to do things on their own, Sienna's non-mom personality is blooming.

Sienna loves to be close to you, whether that be cuddling or playing. When she cuddles, she rolls up her tail like a little spider monkey! And when she plays, she goes all-out: she chases toys, jumps at dangly strings, tosses her favorite golf ball toy in the air, and wrestles with her kittens. (You might say that on a playfulness scale from 1 to 10, she is an 11.) Because of her cross-eyed vision, she seems to have trouble following laser toys, but otherwise, toys beware when Sienna is around! When she is done playing, she will seek you out for company and a snuggle. She enjoys the freedom of being able to cuddle with her humans at any time, sleep with them at night, and explore the house during the day.

Sienna was fine with the adult cats in her foster home, once she learned that they meant her kittens no harm. She would probably do best in a home with a feline playmate (maybe with Kiarra or Kylee?). She is such a curious kitten herself, tiny, and possibly for the first time in her life can actually start living the life of a young cat, rather than of a mom. She deserves a home with a feline friend and loads of space to run and play!

Since she is young, she could probably easily be friends with a cat-friendly dog, if introduced properly. She hasn't been around kids, but she loves to play, be picked up, cuddled and hugged; she would likely be good with kids who would play with her a lot! She LOVES the scratch board and cat tree, so it would be great to have those in her new home. She is grain sensitive and eats a grain-free diet to keeps things moving smoothly!

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Sienna is looking for a loving home with fabulous people, space to run, toys to play with, and a feline buddy. She LOVES action!

Sienna is FeLV+ (Feline Leukemia Virus), which causes a weakened immune system and requires special care. APA! provides some medical assistance after adoption. Cats with FeLV typically have a shortened lifespan. Sienna is not contagious to people or dogs, but should live only with other FeLV+ cats. For more information, please contact APA! or read more by our Partner, Best Friends Animal Society:

All APA! cats are fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and have updated vaccines and a microchip. Lifetime support is offered by our Cat Behavior Team.

For further information or to meet Sienna, please email [email protected]