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Check out Oliver's Videos!

https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/styles/video_thumb/public/youtube/WuehdfOHcmQ.jpg?itok=-azwRouW https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/styles/video_thumb/public/youtube/BQKuQeT41CI.jpg?itok=VmA7ibWy

Ollie. Big O. Baby Seal. A daredevil stunt-dog goes by many names, but shortly after his fifth birthday, Oliver decided to retire from the fast-paced world of slapstick comedy and settle into a more dignified life of long walks, hikes, belly rubs, and naps. As low-key as he is, he's still happy to bust out some of his old techniques and entertain with his signature yoga poses and goofiness, now showing in your nearest comfy chair. It's not all fun and games with Oliver though, since this boy knows sit, down, stay, come, and how to walk well on a leash from his long days in the spotlight with his best friend and volunteer trainer.

Oliver takes the celeb life seriously and never shies away from the paparazzi. He'll happily accompany you everywhere you want to go as if it's a brand new adventure, politely greeting all humans young and old on his way. Now that he's retired, he's got time to take pleasure in the little things: a quick dip in the water, a side salad of the finest grass, chewing on a brand new toy, or giving some gentle kisses just to remind you how good your life is now that he's by your side. He'll happily join you on errands and keep the car running for you while you head in to shop, but please, keep the A/C on. Up for coffee or heading out for a drink? Oliver can pencil you in for that. He's pretty happy just hanging out on the couch at home too. Need to head off to work for the day? Don't worry, Oliver will keep the couch warm for you.

Not all has been the best for Oliver, though. Back when he was known for all his silliness, he one day woke up unable to move and barely able to lift his head. His fans at the shelter immediately came to his aid and did their best to find out what was going on. An amazing foster stepped up to take him in to help him (quite literally) get back onto his feet, and now he's ready to move on to the rest of his life. Through it all, Oliver has held onto his spirit and never let it get him down. Now that he's matured, Oliver knows that not everything in life is about the biggest thrill; sometimes the best things in life are just having a couch to lay on, a nice walk, and best friends to snuggle with. Looking for your own personal stunt-dog? Well...Oliver might still be willing to bust out a trick or two. Come meet him! He dares you to not fall in love.