Animal ID: APA-A-29376
Sex: M
Looks Like: Retriever, Labrador
Current Weight: 59 pounds
Date of Birth: 2013-11-15
Age: 4 years, 0 months
Other Info: TOP Dog Trainee
Location: TLAC
Building 3
Kennel 259
Dog Score: 1 - Would do best not living with other dogs.
Cat Score: 3 - Has had mixed interactions with cats
Child Score: 2 - Could potentially live with older children.
Home Alone Score: 4 - Has been left home alone somewhat successfully

https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/02/23/21/20170223214714.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/08/25/10/20170825105026.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/07/11/04/20170711042846.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/07/11/04/20170711042744.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/07/10/13/20170710130112_0.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/07/10/13/20170710125259_0.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/07/10/12/20170710125228.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/05/31/16/20170531163903.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2016/10/30/08/20161030080602.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/02/23/21/20170223214628.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/02/23/21/20170223214605.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/02/23/21/20170223214544.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/02/23/21/20170223214514.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2016/12/22/18/20161222183225.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2016/10/30/08/20161030080613.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2016/10/30/08/20161030080607.png https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/animal_pics/464/2017/09/03/08/20170903081724.png

Check out Loki's Videos!

https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/styles/video_thumb/public/youtube/hzSE97KZTOE.jpg?itok=60u9jK4q https://www.shelterluv.com/sites/default/files/styles/video_thumb/public/youtube/9G9C6tYD0GY.jpg?itok=L7lmCFxw

There's something about black dogs. Though they are beautiful, they tend to get overlooked in the shelter. But if you could take a moment and visit Loki, you'll see that he is a total love-bug. He has that look that says, "Want to have some fun together?"

Once you get him leashed up and out the door, he is full of life! He can lope around the ball fields with a big, goofy grin! No matter what he's doing, he seems very proud of himself as he struts his stuff. His true joyful nature comes out when he's outside having fun.

His other favorite hobby is loving up on his humans. He is a very affectionate cuddlebug. He loves being around his favorite people, giving them kisses, cuddling on their laps and spooning in bed with them. He brings toys to his human friends for playtime, plays tug-o-war, chases tennis balls, and then does zoomies in the yard. He's a smart, treat motivated boy who already answers to a host of hand signal commands - including "sit," "lay down" and "shake." And he's crate-trained and seems house trained and is great in the car. If you've got treats, he's willing to learn new tricks.

Loki is a loving, loyal boy will be eager to please an active family and who can give him the affection he wants and will return in abundance. If that's not incentive enough, his adoption fee is paid. Won't you come visit him today?

Please check out his Instagram @adoptloki.apa to learn more about Loki!