Animal ID: APA-A-53121
Adoption Fee: $25.00
Sex: M
Looks Like: Retriever, Labrador
Current Weight: 71.6 pounds
Date of Birth: 2015-09-17
Age: 3 years, 5 months
Other Info: CGC Trainee
Location: In Foster
[email protected]
to inquire
Dog Score: 1 - Would do best not living with other dogs.
Cat Score: U - No Information Yet
Child Score: 3 - Mixed notes around children.
Home Alone Score: 5 - Has been left home alone successfully
You must live within 40 miles of our Town Lake Animal Center location to adopt this dog.

Check out Grayson's Videos!

Grayson is an incredibly handsome dog with some of the softest bunny fur you've ever felt, but this active pup prefers you not dwell on his good looks or how adorable he is - he's way too busy for all that. But if you're looking for a running sidekick or someone to help you stay active, Grayson's got you covered. This energetic pup can run fast and far, and he'd love to be your trail buddy!

Grayson has boundless energy and he's not picky how he gets it out. Running, hiking, whatever he can do to keep moving, because this boy's got energy to burn. If you're looking for a fun playmate, Grayson is more than up for that, too. Grayson is really stoked that toys exist; he knows where the toy chest is and he can barely wait for you to pull one out. If he had to pick a favorite, he'd probably say anything he can fetch. He will sit and wait for you to throw the ball, or if you're the one sitting, he'll drop a toy in your lap until you get the picture that it's time to throw something. He also likes to play tug of war, but if playing with his human isn't an option, he'll pick out a toy to chew on and keep himself entertained.

Grayson would love an active home with a yard and a maybe family with older children who can handle his rambunctious nature. He gets really excited to see kids and seems to know they'd make great playmates. If you think you can handle an adorable bundle of energy, come meet Grayson!