Animal ID: APA-A-62332
Adoption Fee: $75.00
Sex: F
Looks Like: Terrier, Jack Russell
Current Weight: 24 pounds
Date of Birth: 2013-08-05
Age: 5 years, 6 months
Location: Tarrytown
Run 4
Dog Score: 3 - Has had mixed notes about interacting with dogs in the shelter or at home. A candidate to live with other dogs.
Cat Score: 4 - A good candidate to live with cats.
Child Score: 2 - Could potentially live with older children.
Home Alone Score: 5 - Has been left home alone successfully

Check out Margaret's Videos!

Margaret's a bit shy with new people, but once she decides she likes you, she'll come over and lay on her back for belly rubs. Once you're on Margaret's good side, you're there to stay!

Margaret's a pretty low energy gal, but her stubby little tail gives an excited wag as she jumps at the door when she knows she's about to go outside. She loves running around in the yard and going on walks, but she's also happy to chill inside and nap. Looking out the window is another favorite activity as she's a very curious pup and likes to see all that's going on out there. She also enjoys playing with her doggie friends and has a few neighborhood pups she's always excited to see as well as the resident dog in her foster home that she gets along great with. She's also a big fan of toys too and really loves playing fetch and tug of war with her person.

Margaret loves her crate and will go in there willingly and has also been left alone free in the house without issue. She stays off the furniture too. Well, mostly. Sometimes her foster mom will come home and find her on the couch. "Oh well," says Margaret. Margaret has also shown promise with cats and has gone right up to them and sniffed them, then walked away without giving them a second thought.

Margaret is more than ready to be someone's best friend and easy companion. If you're ready for a chill housemate with a round little belly, come meet Margaret!

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